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Complete a feasibility assessment in minutes. Developers can review 20 properties in a single day using our report feature.

The largest condo developer in Toronto is an active user of MYP, using these tools daily.

Identify zoning, official plan land use, and secondary plan restrictions. Avoid potential flood and environmental protection areas. Receive a checklist of the government agencies that the development will trigger.

Access more than 50 datasets like roads, parcels, and environmental features in ESRI ArcGIS or AutoDesk Civil 3D. Cross check your CAD or survey plans with our data.

One of Region of York's largest engineering firms uses MYP tools to streamline their projects.

Review properties that trigger multiple by-law zoning and planning regulations in 3 simple clicks. Access regulatory sections relevant to the property including Toronto's former by-law.

The top Lexpert-ranked firms uses MYP to perform checks on their due diligence reviews.

MYP's real-time information on zoning,land use, and environmental features assits agents in targeting potential buyers.

The largest commercial real estate services firm in North America uses MYP to improve sales efficiency.

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